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Free Omniva for purchases over 15 EUR
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Refund policy

Distance contract and return of goods

By placing an order in the online store ("Online Store"), the buyer agrees to the content of this agreement (the "Agreement"), which together with the purchase is considered binding on both parties, the buyer and the seller. Within the framework of this Agreement, the Seller is SIA RAINBOWKIDS, single registration number 42103103574, legal address: Riga, Salnas street 21-134, LV-1021, actual address: A. Deglava 166a, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia ("Seller"), in turn, a buyer is any person who buys goods from the Seller (the "Buyer").

Subject of the contract
In accordance with this Agreement, the Buyer makes purchases from the Seller, and the Seller sells the goods to the Buyer based on the Seller's offer in the online store. In addition, the Seller may also offer a shipping service provided by third parties. The distance agreement applies to all orders placed in the Seller's online store.

Entry into force
The agreement comes into force from the moment when the Buyer places an order in the online store and makes payment in full. The Agreement remains in effect until both parties fulfill their obligations in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

General rules for ordering goods

The buyer can make purchases in the online store without prior registration.

Product description, price and information on delivery options and related costs are available in the online store and are considered an integral part of this Agreement. Before buying, the buyer is invited to familiarize himself with the product description and delivery options.
To place an order, the Buyer adds the selected product to the basket, as well as specifies the required delivery and contact information, and pays in full. The order is considered placed at the moment when payment has been made in full using the payment methods available in the online store.
When placing an order, it is considered that the Buyer has read the description of the goods and the corresponding information about the delivery, the price of the goods, delivery costs and its duration.
When making a purchase, the Buyer has the opportunity to choose the most suitable method of delivery and receipt of goods. Depending on the chosen method of receiving the goods, the Buyer must ensure that the goods are received at the specified time and place. In case if Buyer cannot get to and / or doesnt provide the choice of goods at the time and place that are indicated in the information on the delivery of goods, the Buyer is responsible for covering the costs associated with organizing re-delivery.

The buyer can pay for the goods:

1.By the bank transfer to the Seller's account
2. By payment (credit or debit) card to the Seller's account.
After receiving payment by the Buyer, the goods are prepared and sent within 2-3 working days to the address/ parcel service address specified by the Buyer.

Buyer's claims about inadequate quality of goods

The buyer's claims for the quality of the purchased goods are resolved in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations dated July 25, 2012 631. "The procedure for filing and considering consumer claims in relation to goods or services that do not meet the terms of the contract"
Buyer's complaints, claims and suggestions can be sent in written form to The Seller will provide a response as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days from the receipt of the complaint or claim, in which the Buyer will provide full information to identify the goods, the purchase and the Buyer. If the Buyer has not provided such information, the response time may be extended accordingly.

Term of performance of the distance contract

The Seller undertakes to fulfill the terms of the distance contract no later than 30 days after receiving the order from the Buyer, unless another term for the performance of the Agreement is indicated next to the description of a specific product.

Impossibility of goods delivery

If the Seller cannot fulfill the Agreement due to the lack of goods ordered by the Buyer, then the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about this. In this case, the Seller may offer the Buyer an equivalent product at an equivalent price, or the Buyer will be refunded the amount of the payment made.